Hive Blog: You Have a Story to Tell!

Learn how to write it and share it with

the world in Hive’s community book project!   

Hey Hive Family,

We are so excited to talk about the incredible things happening at our non-profit. You all know we’re
passionate about empowering people with disabilities, and one of the ways we do that is by giving
you a platform to share your voices.

There is no better way to share your story and by doing so make a difference in the world than by
being published in a book! Announcing our new community book project, Having Incredible
Victories Everyday. We have to thank Chatequa for this ingenious idea and acronym. This book will
be for you, and by you! It’s a chance to share your stories, and your everyday victories with the

We recently kicked off a five-part writing workshop led by writer and self-published author, Chatequa
Pinkston. Chatequa is all about using the power of words to encourage her readers and spark
change, and that’s exactly what we’re aiming to do with this book.

Here’s the scoop on how you can be a part of it:

● Session one focused on the concept and process of writing a book, emphasizing its potential
to reach an audience from all around the globe. She highlighted the importance of the
author’s personal story and its potential impact on the reader. She also touched on the value
of concise writing, the necessity of editing and the role of cover design in attracting potential
readers. You can watch the session here.

● The Hive’s Community Book Project: We’re asking each of you to share a personal story
about overcoming challenges and achieving victories, big or small. These stories will be
compiled into one inspiring book titled Having Incredible Victories Everyday and self-
published using the steps learned in this writing workshop series.

● Next Steps:

○ Submit your story! We want to hear from you! Send your story to Chatequa via
email at by June 19th.
○ Editing and Finalization: Chatequa will work with our team to edit and polish the
content, making sure each story shines.
○ Publication and Release: The goal is to have the book ready for submission to
Amazon by September 25th so we can showcase it at our Hive’s Community Table
event in October.

This is your chance to be a published author! Share your story, inspire others, and be a part of
something truly special.

P.S. Session two of the writing workshop is coming up soon! It’s all about crafting powerful content
and the art of editing. The class will be held on June 22nd at 2:30 PM in a hybrid format – join us in
person at J. Germany Library or virtually on Zoom. Sign up here!
Let’s get writing, Hive fam! We can’t wait to read about your incredible victories!


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