The Hive Solution

The Cliff

As young adults with disabilities age out of state education systems, they become segregated with minimal opportunities for employment, community involvement and inclusive living.  The Hive wants to be a part of the solution.  Once the building process is complete, The Hive will offer individual apartments with integrated community supports for people who want or need them along with a coffee shop and community center.

The Inclusive community

The community center is the life of The Hive.  We are not waiting on a building to begin to establish the community that is needed in Tampa Bay. Bayshore Baptist Church located at 3111 W. Morrison Ave, Tampa, Fl. has graciously allowed us space within their church to begin the process of growing our community. We now offer support groups, enrichment classes and social events.  

Become a member

Take part in classes and social activities for only $10 a month!

Or pay yearly and save $30!

MakING a Donation

We have big dreams here at The Hive. The goal for both an apartment complex and a community center focused on building inclusive environments where all our members can grow and thrive will require a significant amount of resources and support. We are honored to have both individuals and organizations partner with us in reaching our goals.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

The Hive exists to foster inclusive communities where every member can grow, find purpose and thrive.

Get Involved

True inclusion requires individuals of all abilities to come together and share their gifts and talents for the benefit of all. If you have a desire to grow diverse inclusive communities we would love for you to join us.  Your involvement as a member, volunteer or donor puts us one step closer to our goal. Bright Future students are welcome to attain their volunteer hours here at The Hive.

Upcoming Events


Create a piece of art related to what Inclusion means to you. It can be a painting, song, poem, etc. We will hold an art exhibit show casing your submissions!  Grand Prize: 5 Hive classes and a $50 gift card. Drop off Location: Bayshore Baptist Church 3111 W. Morrison Ave, Tampa, Fl 33629

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