Future Housing

Plans are in the works to make an Inclusive Living Community a reality.
Developer's rendering of The Hive Community


As young adults with disabilities age out of state education systems, they become segregated with minimal opportunities for employment, community involvement, and inclusive living.

Without supportive housing, these individuals are at higher risk for homelessness or institutionalization, where they would be more susceptible to abuse, exploitation, and discrimination.


Units of supportive and affordable housing are needed in Florida for people with disabilities and youth aging out of foster care. The Hive’s mission is to reduce this number.


The Hive will offer affordable, accessible, inclusive apartments and villas with integrated community supports in Tampa.

50% of units will be set aside for individuals with disabilities.

The other 50% will be for young people transitioning out of foster care, the elderly, domestic violence survivors, and veterans.


The planned integrated supports include onsite medical clinic, pharmacy, and caregiving agency. For the convenience of the residents the facility will include: a computer room, gym, sensory room, meeting rooms, coffee shop, daycare and dental lab training center.

The goal of the community is to be located near public transportation and shopping.

Through everything we do, we will offer employment opportunities for our members. 

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Our Search For Land Has Local Supporters

City Councilman Luis Viera

Read the glowing endorsement The Hive has received from Luis Viera.

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