Alyssa Oertel, Executive Account Manager from DCE Productions, shares her work experiences.

In August, The Hive proudly launched its “Empowering Entrepreneurs with Disabilities” support group. This initiative marks a step towards nurturing the talents within our community. Meeting monthly, the group zeroes in on equipping entrepreneurs with disabilities with essential resources, tools, and skills crucial for business growth. After discussions with business owners to identify their learning interests, Hive reaches out to successful business owners and their teams in the Tampa Bay area to provide instruction on the requested topics. 

Our August session was hosted by Alyssa Oertel, Executive Account Manager from DCE Productions. Alyssa dove into the fundamentals of Digital Marketing, covering pivotal topics like Social Media, Email Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The session included a practical walkthrough using Canva, AI, and Meta, allowing participants to apply these new skills in real-time. We are so thankful to have Alyssa as our first instructor!

The importance of supporting entrepreneurs with disabilities cannot be overstated. These individuals bring unparalleled diversity of thought to the business world, their unique experiences fueling innovative and creative solutions. Their success is not just their own; it signals a shift towards a more inclusive, varied economy that values different abilities and backgrounds as assets. Supporting these entrepreneurs transcends business; it’s a stand against stereotypes and for a culture that champions empowerment and independence.

Through The Hive’s initiative, we’re not just aiding individual entrepreneurs; we’re cultivating a business environment rich in diversity and innovation. It’s about recognizing and celebrating our differences, understanding they’re not just beneficial but essential for a dynamic and progressive business landscape.  

We look forward to continuing these sessions and watching these entrepreneurs grow stronger, more successful businesses. 

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